Shipping Info

We send all our packages via the standard postal network.

We do not push for the more expensive delivery options as we find standard so reliable. All kits are carefully packaged in tested packaging to ensure your order arrives safely. We do not falsify shipping documents so please do not ask. In almost all cases your order will come in under tax thresholds so no duty (taxes) will be payable in most countries.

As a guide only:

Delivery throughout Europe is: 15-20 days
North America usually: 10-12 days (subject to customs delays in USA)
Asia – Australia – New Zealand: 20-25 days
South Africa  25-30 days
Continental South America 25-28 days
Central America 14-20 days
Russian Federation 15-20 days

These postal times are as a guide only.

Services are EMS international, which is through the standard postal network and has tracking. . Delivery times are usually very similar. Tracking in this service is not as detailed as a normal courier however.

If you have any questions of course we are here to help and will reply to you fast.